We are please to announce that this position has been filled.  Mrs. Amy Todd is the Headmaster of CCA.

Headmaster Job Description

Nature of Work

The Headmaster is a highly professional, supervisory and administrative position with responsibility for planning, organizing and directing all operations and activities s of the Central Christian Academy (CCA). This is a ministry position serving students, parents, teachers, staff and the general community. It is a Christ-centered position requiring integrity, resilience, competence and wisdom to facilitate a learning environment that promotes excellence, achievement, honor and respect through a Biblical worldview. The Headmaster will also initially serve as a teacher within the academy. The Headmaster serves under the governance of the Board of Directors and within the guidelines of the approved policies and procedures.

Illustrative Examples of Work

  • Assist in hiring qualified and properly credentialed teachers and other necessary support staff
  • Routinely monitor and formally evaluate the performance of each staff person on an annual basis and as needed for correctional and edification purposes
  • Equip and encourage staff through routine written and oral communications, meetings, staff development and other available resources
  • Model and enforce the policies and procedures of CCA
  • Assist in the development of an operational budget
  • Responsibly operate CCA according to the approved budget and provide adequate accounting of all expenditures
  • Provide routine performance indicator reports to the Board of Directors (i.e. financial reports, enrollment information, student achievement summaries, etc.)
  • Review and revise educational curriculum in accordance with CCA policy to meet regulatory guidelines for standardized testing and to ensure adherence to Biblical world view principles
  • Coordinate the use and care of shared facilities with Central Baptist Church (CBC)
  • Support parents and students by providing instruction and correction that embodies Scriptural teachings
  • Serve as a teacher and provide classroom instruction and activities according to a structured teaching plan
  • Remain actively involved in appropriate professional organizations
  • Attend approved professional development events/conferences to remain updated on the latest curriculum and teaching resources and techniques
  • Provide public speaking services to promote CCA, its mission and future efforts
  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal requirements for private church-based Christian schools (i.e. facility management, administration and personnel)
  • Maintain open and effective communications with students and their parents or guardians
  • Maintain adequate and accurate student records
  • Stay abreast of Tennessee laws as they pertain to education in both private and public schools
  • Report all alleged child abuse cases
  • Maintain documentation of all school-related accidents and follow up as required by policy
  • Continually develop and promote an academically sound program
  • Promote and pray for a Christ-like atmosphere within the school
  • Develop and implement an emergency response plan
  • Develop and implement a school improvement/growth plan

Minimum Requirements

  • Be a born-again believer, guided by Biblical principles and adherent to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  • Have teacher certification.
  • Possession of a Master's level degree is preferred
  • Have a minimum of five (5) years teaching experience
  • Have two (2) years of relevant administrative experience preferred
  • Evidence of active participation in a local evangelical church, preferably Central Baptist Church


New Students Welcome!

Enrollment is OPEN! Re-enrollment Period begins February 1st New Student Enrollment begins March

Dates to Remember

All Presidents Day-No School Monday, February 19th OPEN HOUSE for Prospective Students-Come visit...

Weather Related Closings...

CCA follows the Weakley County School System for all weather related school closures. 

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