Christian Education

Christian Education

Why it's important

The education of our children and youth is an awesome responsibility that every Christian parent must be willing to assume.  Remember that children are God’s homework assignment to parents.  Psalm 127:5 states that when a parent has successfully completed his homework assignment, “he will not be ashamed, but shall speak with the enemies in the gate.”  Oswald Chambers stated this about this verse:

“Have I been able to reproduce my own kind spiritually? If so, in a time of difficulty I will be brought through magnificently victorious; but woe be to the spiritual man who never produced his own kind, when the difficulties come, there is none to assist, he is isolated and lonely.”

Many Christian parents are becoming increasingly concerned about their children’s education with each passing day.  The violence that seems to be growing in society, especially in our youth, is causing great alarm.  Too often, the first and sometimes only question that parents are asking is, “where should I send my child to school?”  Should they go to Christian, home, private or public schools?

Too often this question leads to heated debates.  Since God’s Word does not address the “where” question directly, anyone’s position can be justified and rationalized.  At the same time, the next generation continues in a moral tailspin, seemingly out of control.  In too many cases, where they are attending school doesn’t seem to make a difference.  This is because, as Christian parents, we are not following biblical principles when it comes to the education of our children and youth.

The debate must never be about “where should Christians send their children to school?”  The debate needs to be about “how does God want Christians to educate their children?”  It is not about “Christian” vs. “public” schools.  It is about “biblical education” vs. “secular education.”  You have just been presented and, hopefully, have given careful attention to ten biblical principles on the education of children and youth.  These ten principles must be followed fully if we are going to fulfill the definition of Kingdom education given earlier.

There are an estimated 20-25 million children and youth from church families.  This huge number represents a tremendous potential for a powerful spiritual army, if they are educated and enter into adult life knowing God and thinking and acting from a biblical worldview.  If we earnestly apply these principles to the education of our children, the “where” question will be more accurately answered and the potential to capture the next generation and their world for Christ can become a reality.