Spring Banquet 2019

Good, Better, Best

Spring Banquet

We are asking every family to make their best effort to invite potential donors to this banquet. We have been able to keep the tuition at $3,900 per year because of the past success of this banquet. The donations have increased each year from about $14,000 the first year to a little under $40,000 last year. This is “good.” But, because God has blessed CCA with steady enrollment growth, we will be needing more classroom space in 1-2 years. We need donors who will help provide this space. Here is our “good, better, best” goal for this year:

Good – $50,000     Better – $100,000     Best – $2,000,000

If we reach our “best” goal, we can build an educational facility that will accommodate our needs for many years to come. Let’s pray for God’s best as we give Him our best. Your hearts will be stirred as you watch these precious students on the stage. Dr. Carruthers will challenge us with the foundations, the process, and the future of Christian education. The hand of the Lord is upon Central Christian Academy. CCA is an extremely good Christian academy, that is becoming better and striving for the best.

Thank you, for helping provide this ministry for families and churches in this region.