In the beginning …

Did you hear the sound of pencils being sharpened?  Did you hear sneakers squeaking on the gym floor?  Did you sense the excitement of students beginning the first day of the new 2021-2022 school year at Central Christian Academy?

In CCA’s junior and senior high English classes, we have cracked the spines on new textbooks and have completed our first homework assignments.  We covered basic requirements such as being prepared for class, no cell phones or electronic devices, the importance of writing names on submitted papers, and having a positive outlook.  All students must bring their planner, their English folder, their textbooks, and a pencil to class.  I do not allow students to go to their lockers after class starts.  Responsibility is difficult to learn.   Most importantly, I stressed having a personal relationship with our Savior — Jesus Christ!

On “Meet-the-Teacher” night, I had a few basic recommendations written on the whiteboard.  Taking your student to Sunday School and worship service and praying for and loving him unconditionally were the most important recommendations that I have for our parents.  I have been praying for CCA and our students and faculty.  I ask you to please do the same!


Mrs. Jan McGreger